Our Purpose

To help make the world healthier

Our Vision

To build trusting networks of scientists, physicians, patients and regulators

Our Vision

To build trusting networks of scientists, physicians, patients and regulators

Our Goal

To give patients more and better treatment options

Canary provides Product Development and Global Regulatory Affairs strategic advice and operational support to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Devices sectors to expedite registration and commercialisation.

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Understanding the product, the health condition or medical challenge it strives

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to address, and the regulatory and competitive landscape is essential to finding the best path forward.

We will always base our advice on knowledge gained through thorough research.

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We help you define your objectives and formulate a strategy to achieve them

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within an ambitious, yet realistic timeframe.

We understand that resources may be limited at times and will adapt our style to meet the specific needs of your organisation and your team.

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We made our passion for reading, research and writing our work. We will

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help you craft well-structured scientific summaries, following a logical order for ease of navigation. Succinct documents help form favourable opinions.

We can guide you through the preparation of dossiers in CTD format ready for publishing and submission to expedite registration.

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We help you present your results and discuss your challenges, formulate the

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right questions to obtain the answers needed to guide your development.

We help you interpret the questions raised by the regulators on your development programs and strategically address them.

We don’t shy from pushing the boundaries and understand when a compromise is needed.

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We dive into projects driven by a passion for knowledge and are motivated by bringing new treatments to patients to make the world healthier


We will always give you an honest appraisal, seek your feedback and work towards continuous improvement


We believe that the best work is achieved when individuals work together, sharing ideas, knowledge and information towards a common goal


Our Team

Nicoletta Muner

Managing Director (MPharmSci GAICD)

Chris Ozga

Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate

Aditya Yadav

Regulatory Affairs Associate